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To read the clips
  • The clip does not work on my player. I cannot read the clip. I have sound problems. A lot of green areas appear on the screen when I try to read the clip.
  • Our movie clips are compressed using codecs for Windows Media Player 9.0. If you cannot read our clips it's probably because you don't have the right codec installed on your computer. In this case you can:

    _Download and then install Windows Media Player 9 at this link : Windows Media version 9 (MAC & PC)

    _Another option is to use the impressive free software called VLC which is able to read almost all clips that cause problems with other players (MAC & PC). download VLC here

    _or, simply update your current version of Windows Media Players with the latest codec (if you have a version earlier than 9.0). To do this, just go in TOOLS, then the OPTIONS menu of your Windows Media Player. In the PLAYER signet just check the box: download codec automatically.

    _If none of the above work for you, you should consider deactivating the video accelerator. To do this in Windows Media Player, just go to TOOLS, then the OPTIONS menu, in the PERFORMANCE signet click on the button ADVANCED OPTIONS, and in this new window, set the video acceleration to the lowest possible value.

  • The clip stops during the video / it's impossible to read the last part of a clip as my player says the file is corrupted.
  • In this case, probably you didn't download the whole clip. Remember that we adive to first download the clip on your hard drive instead of watching it online, so you can watch it anytime you want without the need of re-downloading it. To save a clip instead of watching it online, just right click on the clip's link, and select "SAVE TARGET AS...", then choose the location you want the file to be saved on your computer.

Forgotten Password / Cancellation
  • For those who forget there password, CCBILL provides a link where you can find out your access information, just click on this button.

  • You can cancel your membership at any time, by using the same link

  • If the problem persists you can ALWAYS contact us so we can give you your access codes again.
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